Today, practically all forced to attract the internet of casino attention of new players. A high competition resulted in appearance of new concepts: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Bonuses are a powerful tool through which online casinos attract new users. Some bonuses are very beneficial for players and allow you to receive additional payments. For example, some the internet of casino is offered to the player bonus in size of 100% from the sum of the first deposit. Wherein large facilities spin, there always are people which develop different «frauds»”. Some professionals hunt for bonuses. Such players are called the hunter’s bonus.

Hunters are real profi which confidently and bonus facilities win back very quickly. Do the hunters treat cheaters as scammers It is enough difficult to answer this question. From one side, hunters conduct a «foul play», that facilities earn to the not lines by the way. On the other hand, the bonus hunters simply well known by rules and are able to quickly get back the bonus that was given to them.

Sure, practically all players know about the bonus hunters. However, very few people know about which country is the hometown of the bonus hunting. It’s amazing, but for the first time the Danes became interested in playing the bonuses. It was they who came up with the “scheme” for which a significant amount was recouped. Following Denmark, other European countries became interested in hunting. In the total, many casinos were forced to create the additional measures of defence, for example, of the program on determination of IP of address. Began to introduce new rules, according to which registration from one IP was twice banned.

Despite all the measures taken, the bonus hunting continues to flourish today. You too can try yourself in a bonus hunting.