If we talk about gambling then we have to talk about risk as well. According to the words of many players, the main risk is that you may get unlucky and lose everything you have. But in fact, the problem is not only about luck. Often, a person can enter into a game with scammers, which quickly will deceive him and take his money. After all, at one time, even poker was a favorite game of pocket thieves. Poker server as a method to distract a person.

Of course, in serious offline and online casinos, there is a security service that is engaged in preventing any fraud. But, among amateurs, there are plenty of real geniuses who have come up with a big amount of new ways to steal money from trusted people.

Let’s look closer at a few ways to scam people at the casino.

The traditional way is that some players act together. In offline casinos, they communicate to each other about which cards they have on their hands. They do it with the help of a special system of signs. In the online casino, they can use phones, Skype, etc.

Also, there is one more method when players should act together to scam one person. In this case, the scammers raise the bets, forcing the player to do the same. Then one of them, having the strongest cards, wins, and shares his profit between the group that committed the fraud.

If the game uses money stolen from another account, the scammer can safely raise bets without fear of losing, because he loses not his own, but the stranger’s money.

It does not matter if you play at the online or offline casino. If you think that someone is cheating then you do not have to panic. You do not need to directly accuse anyone. In order to understand this, you should look for administration. Therefore, if there is any suspicion, feel free to contact the administration or security staff, indicate the suspicious person and explain why you think that he is a scammer.